Replaying a section - via manually adjustable markers on the sheet?

• Feb 20, 2021 - 13:27

I'd like to play/replay a section of a score. So I would like to be able to place a start and stop marker and to be able to select them and move them by dragging and dropping. It looks like this can be achieved via the play panel or the piano roll. Unfortunately (maybe it is my fault) the UX is really quirky.
Just a simple enable button in the play menu (or a menu item in the right mouse click context menu) would be much more convenient and intuitive with drag and drop to move the start, stop and the current position (via the left mouse button - unlike the current UX in piano roll with three mouse buttons).

Or maybe that's already possible but hidden?


Drag and drop is a pretty inefficent to do almost anything, I think once you get used to how easy and accurate it is to just select a region normally (eg, click first note, shift+click last) and press Play without having to laboriously drag marking all over the place, you'll appreciate the simplicity it.

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Thank you for the tips. It is indeed easy but it isn't intuitive. There isn't any indication in the UI that this is how it is done. It also seems that it is not possible to persist my selection. If I click somewhere else my selection is gone. Is that so?

I also figured out how to select a range alternatively: left click on the first measure + click button [ on the Play panel to select the start, left click on the next measure + click button ] on the Play panel to set the end of range, left click to deselect any measure, click play.

And in the Piano Roll Editor it is possible to drag the end before the start which is a disaster:


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It's true that there is no obvious indication that selection will set the loop markers, but that's why we have documentation and support forums :-). I think of the goal as being to make it possible to discover all functionality just by browsing the UI, and the way you mention is indeed the one I'd expect people to discover first. But the most efficient way to do things will often involve keyboard shortcuts or other less obvious methods.

Anyhow, as you can see by watching the flags, making a selection doesn't move the flags right away - only on playback. So if you've set flags the way you want, then for wahetevr reason select something different but want to keep the same loop, just hit Esc to clear the selection before starting playback again.

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Hi Marc. I work a lot with Musescore, at the moment orchestrating a Waltz, a feature which would be very helpful: if you could select multiple regions at once, for example select the flutes and violins in an orchestra score. My idea would be you select the first selection as usual with click+shift+click and then can add another selection with alt: click+shift+click +alt+click+shift+click (etc.)
edit: of course it would be great if you could use that for playback as well. So only the notes in the selected regions are played.

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Thanks for your reply. Yes, I do it now with the mixer and solo / mute instruments, but it can be a lot of steps and you are limited to always mute or solo the whole instrument, so you could not pick for example only a part of a melody in a region. Discontiguous range selections would have a lot of other advantages and time saving use cases.
Another thing related to the mixer, if you work with orchestra I need the mixer much wider than the inspector, but if I make the mixer window wider and switch with key shortcuts to the inspector, the inspector has the same (much too wide) width, so I have to adjust it everytime I switch back and forth „manually" with the mouse. It would be comfortable, if the mixer could be adjusted in width independently (the mixer memorizing its width).

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