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• Feb 26, 2021 - 18:19

Hi team,

I'm writing out a popular song, arranged for SATB and piano,on MuseScore 3.5 to make it more legible. I'd like to copy and paste the lyrics selectively for the chorus, which is repeated a couple of times, but without copying all the lyrics from the verses as well. How do I achieve that?

Thanks team :)


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Thanks for your input into my query. I've tried both of those links earlier today, but I can't find a way of selecting just a portion, the chorus, of (say) the soprano part to copy and then paste to where the chorus comes around again. I'm attaching the score so far. I want to copy the chorus lyrics from measure 26 to 42, and paste them at the next chorus, measure 78. Any help would be welcome!

I'm using Musescore 3.5 on a Linux Mint laptop. Clicking the first word and then shift-clicking the last word doesn't seem to work. That may be a problem with the Linux version.

Thanks again

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Hard to advise well without seeing the score, but there are a number of ways of selecting a subset of lyrics. Easiest is to click the first, Shift+click the last. Other ways including selecting a range of measures then right-click a lyric and seeing the various options in the Select menu that appears.

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Hi Marc, thanks for your reply to my question regarding selecting a section of the lyrics to copy and paste.
I've tried to click the first word and shift-click the last word, but it doesn't seem to select the line of text on my laptop. I'm using Musescore 3.5 for Linux (Mint)

I'm attaching the score for you - it's "Top of the world" by The Carpenters, arranged for SATB and piano by Jay Althouse. I want to copy the chorus lyrics from measure 26 to 42, and paste them at the next chorus, measure 78. I can of course do it manually, but if I can find a shortcut that would make life easier!

Thanks once again :)
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Works fine for me. I should clarified, I was envisioning doing this for one staff. So in your case, click "I'm" in the soprano part (just before letter "C"), then Shift+click "world." in that same staff at the bottom of the next page. But, it also works to click the "I'm" for the soprano part but "world." for the bass staff, and then it will select the lyrics across all four staves.

Be sure to single click, not double - you don't want to enter edit mode.

Although I should also mention, at first glance it seems the notes are the same here, wouldn't it be simpler to just copy the entire passage?

Unrelated note - looks like you are using slurs in places where you should be using ties, pretty much throughout the piece. They look similar but are definitely different, and they mean entirely different things and sound entirely different.

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Hi, and thanks :)

I've taken your advice and just copied and pasted the whole chorus, notes and lyrics. I can fine tune individual parts later if needed.

I've also changed those slurs to ties where needed. I knew about the musical difference between slurs and ties, but didn't realise that they would sound different on the software.

Many thanks,

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