• Mar 1, 2021 - 16:54

On playback, the dynamics are followed for measures 1 - 20, but for measures 21 - 24 not so much. I have changed the dynamic range from part to staff to system with no apparent effect. Obviously I am lost. Please advise proper setting for closed choral scores. Thanks.

I am by training a ceramic engineer with little background in music. I prepare practice tracks for the choir I sing in, so adherence to tempo, articulation and dynamics is important, particularly with mp4s.

In einer Nebensache, könnte Jojo die Oberstimme für dieses Stück für mich finden? Wäre dankbar.


Your invisible diminuendo is overshooting the "p" that presumably is meant to terminate it. Back up your diminuendo endpoint to before the "p" if you want that to take effect.

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