12 Note Arpeggio in One Beat

• Apr 8, 2021 - 22:26


I am trying to write a twelve note arpeggio in one quarter beat. How do I do that using the Musescore software?

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These are arpeggios - both of them.


The first one makes it clear that it is to be played as 12 equal notes in one beat - nothing cadenza-like about it, the second one is less specific about note lengths and whether the notes are held after being played and is possibly less easy to read - certainly less easy for a non-chordal instrument player who is unlikely to be used to having chords in their part.

Take a look at the ABRSM scales and arpeggios books and you will see that arpeggios there are always written out.

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I should revise my earlier comment. The first example is an arpeggio. The second example is an arpeggiated chord. The wiggly line is an arpeggio sign or more properly an arpeggiated chord sign. The first makes sense for single note and chordal instruments; the second only for chordal instruments. A clarinettist could not play the second example.

You could also do it by dividing the quarter note into 4 sixteenth notes and using CTRL + 3 to make 4 sixteenth note triplets, which is the same length as 1 quarter note 12-tuplet.

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