Instrument choice impossible

• Apr 12, 2021 - 13:19


I use MuseScore to create scores with tablatures for diatonic accordions with my Mageia Linux PC.
I just upgraded from Mageia 7.1 to Mageia 8, and now it is impossible to choose the instrument for a new score, the instrument list is blank.
How can I get back a correct list of instruments ?

(I use the MuseScore- file. I don’t use the 3.5.2 version in the Mageia software library.

(Month ago I already had this problem, but I don’t remember what is the solution.)



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In MuseScore Edit / Preferences / Score (Edition / Préférences / Partition in French), the instrument list parameter was pointing to a file which does not exist, I changed it by /usr/share/mscore-3.5/instruments/instruments.xml which is a file I previously used.

But, from my long history with MuseScore I must "clean" my PC, it is a mess with all files related to MuseScore numerous installations ... !!


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You should not be doing/using that. Instead put ":/data/instruments.xml" into that dialog, that then uses a builtin copy of the instruments.xml file and one that matches your MuseScore version rather than a potentially outdated version (here one that doesn't contain the tags for the instrument ordering)

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Thank you Jojo-Schmitz, it's obviously better to use that file, it's OK (I just checked it's the file defined when I open the *.AppImage file in a PC where I didn't modify anything).

Just a new problem to solve this morning: I can't save a file with MuseScore. I changed nothing for MuseScore, but I updated some software in Mageia ... (new Mageia 8)


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