How to note the guitar harmonic

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Hi, and congratulations for your software.
how to write the harmonic notation for a guitar score?


Basically there are several different interpretations of scoring harmonics in a guitar score.

It partly depends on whether you mean natural or artificial (or octave) harmonics.

Sometimes you will find natural harmonics written with diamond noteheads and the relevant fret number(s) in Roman numerals written above.

As far as I know artifical harmonics are always scored with circles above the notes.

The problem is that some publishers use this method for denoting natural harmonics also, usually with fret numbers.

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Guitar harmonics are indicated by a 4 sided square with a corner in the vertical position. These are not that uncommon and I have in the past used these in a previous version of MuseScore but am unable to recreate it with the new version. The inspector does not show this and neither does the Master Pallet. I have searched the MuseScore forum of how to do this but so far there are no answers. If anyone knows how to do this I would appreciate explaining how.

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For Playback:
Add an electric guitar to the score, and in the mixer, set it to play as 'Guitar Harmonics'. Next, put the note(the one you want to be a harmonic) in the Guitar Harmonics and make it invisible in the inspector. Then, set the original note not to play in the inspector.
For Display: I don't know how to get the little diamond next to the note or get the note in brackets, but you can simply write 'Harm' in staff text above the original note.
Example in the attached file.
This Works for version 3. I don't know if it does for anything else.
Hope this helps!!!

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You wrote:
Add an electric guitar to the score, and in the mixer, set it to play as 'Guitar Harmonics'.

For playback, there is no need to add another electric guitar dedicated to 'Guitar Harmonics'. No need to set the original note not to play.
Here's your attachment without all that extra stuff:

In MuseScore, the electric guitar instrument already has assigned channel tracks for mute, harmonics, distortion, etc. These extra channel tracks can be shown or hidden by clicking the channel display arrow button on top of the track control (near the 'S' button) in the Mixer.

To change the guitar sound to harmonics (or mute, etc.), see:

Here's an example of how all this works:
See? Only one guitar needed.

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