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• Apr 14, 2021 - 19:40

Sorry if this has been answered before (I don't know the appropriate search terms for this). I am wondering how you get the 4/4 time signature as in the attached example. That is, after a bar that is just before the frame break.

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That will be trick. It's a courtesy time signature, presumably there because the DS goes back to 4/4. If you attach your actual score, we can try to advise on the best workaround for your particular situation. But possibilities include using invisible measures or adding the time signature as symbols.

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Thanks. I guess it should be filed under feature request. Basically allow a manual control of the exact size of the bar, or possibly allow the musical length to be lowered to 0 (since at present the minimum is 1). The best I could manage, after having thought some more, and after having posted the question, is to:
1. Make the bar at the end of the measure invisible;
2. Use Bar Properties to adjust the length of the bar to a single 1/64th note;
3. Make the resulting 1/64th note rest invisible too;
3. Use stretch to make the resulting bar as small as possible.
I've attached the result of my final attempt, which is good enough for my purposes. The actual music is from an easy piano edition of Cats, so can't be attached for copyright reasons (and I have no intention of sharing the resulting score, I just want to condense it onto a single sheet of A4 portrait/A3 landscape for personal practice, and for practice in using Musescore.)

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You could delete all but the relevant measures and attach that.

But I think I can suggest a better method:

1) select the barline
2) open Symbols palette
3) click the Symbol tab, then the Time Signatures section under that (not the main time signature section above this)
4) click the "4"
5) double click it in the score, Ctrl+down once, Ctrl+right once
6) select the double barline again
7) click the "4" in the symbols palette
8) double click, Ctrl+down three times, Ctrl_right once
9) select the barline again
10) use the Inspector to set the X offset to -4 sp

I think this is a "safer" solution, and results are pretty spot-on I think:

Screenshot 2021-04-14 8.31.34 PM.png

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