Need Win/Mac developers for a Film Scoring Plugin!

• Apr 29, 2021 - 18:06

Have you ever wished you could score a little short film or the next Marvel Blockbuster in our good old friend MuseScore? Well, now you can!

It is already working on Linux and there's not much left to make it work on Windows and Mac OS as well. However, I don't use those operating systems and I'm not really well versed in the use of them.

Therefore, I could need some developers who have a little knowledge of QML (or at least JavaScript) who work with me together to complete this project before we can officially announce it.

Is anyone interested in doing this?


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Ah, you're right, plugins are indeed platform-agnostic. But it's also true that they're very limited in what you can do with them due to the safely limited nature of QML. But thanks to the few extra exposure MuseScore has made (including very basic external process execution), I was finally able to accomplish such a complex thing as synchronized audio/video playback, using some external binaries and the MuseScore plugin framework for executing them.

Now, every OS has different characteristics in process handling etc., and I want to make it as easy as possible to start the plugin - therefore I also automatically download all those external binaries if they're not present on the system.

So these are the platform-dependent additional parts which I could indeed need some help with. The Linux reference implementation is already working by the way.

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