Shortcuts in v4

• May 1, 2021 - 18:26

I'm just wondering if the shortcuts from version 3.6.2 also work in version 4, or if I have to relearn everything?


It's important to realize that really specific questions about what will or will not be in MuseScore 4 are mostly premature - there's a reason the current projection has the release more than half a year away :-)

But what I'd expect and hope for here is that a lot of shortcuts will remain the same, and a few will change in ways that are designed to be more discoverable, or better fit how people actually use the program. for example, it's quite strange we don't really have a good set of default shortcuts for accidentals, and I would guess this will be addressed, but it might mean "stealing" shortcuts currently used for other commands. I also know there is talk of having separate shortcut profiles, eg, one that you can select if you are coming from Sibelius and want to make the transition as painless as possible. Which also suggests it might be possible to have a MuseScore 3 compatibility" set so even if the defaults are rearranged, you can still keep something like the classic defaults. I wouldn't expect customizations to come through - very likely there would be too many internal changes for that to be viable.

None of this is definite, but these are the sorts of discussions taking place, and I'd expect others to take place along similar lines.

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