Major Issues Upgrading to 0.9.5

• Jan 22, 2010 - 19:52

Hey all,

It's been manifested to me that I am in dire need of upgrading MuseScore, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to get the newest stable version. I am running Ubuntu Jaunty 64 bit.

When I go to Applications > Add/Remove and try to install mscore, it says it's already installed. So I've typed [CODE]sudo apt-get remove[/CODE] and retried from Add/Remove, but I get the same version. I've done the same thing with "purge".

I've tried installing the .deb file of the package from SourceForge, and it appeared to install successfully (I did this while 0.9.4 was still installed). I then clicked on MuseScore under Applications, but 0.9.4 still started up (except this time with errors that say [CODE]Error loading plugin
usr/share/mscore-0.9/plugins/tuning.js line 30:
ReferenceError: QColor is not defined[/CODE]((I also got one for "colorstones.js"))

Then I "sudo apt-get remove"'d mscore again, and reinstalled the 0.9.5 .deb package. MuseScore was not listed under Apps > Sound/Video, and was not recognized by typing "mscore" in the Terminal.

I went to the MuseScore website and a link said "There are ready-to-install packages for Ubuntu 8.04+ in the "universe" repository, and for 7.10 in the "universe" Backports repository. The packages provided are often older versions than the current stable version.Please consult your favorite package manager for the "mscore" package, or click here to install directly from your browser." I don't know what the former half of that means, but clicking there to install directly from my browser sounded easy enough, so I clicked it, but I got an alert saying that "mscore was already installed on this system" when MuseScore was installed (I thought it would have upgraded).

I just tried it again with MuseScore NOT installed, and it looked like it went through the correct motions of installing it, but when I opened it, lo and behold, 0.9.4 haunts me yet again with the same errors as above.

I am at a complete and utter loss of how to upgrade to 0.9.5. Please assist. T____T;



I've tried to mark mscore for upgrade in Synaptic Package Manager, but to no avail (the option was greyed out for all packages).

Then I tried purging mscore, updating my repositories, and re-installing mscore. I still have v 0.9.4 and am getting the same error messages mentioned above.

The download page has a link to the the mscore-stable repository. That page has detailed instructions on how to add the mscore-stable repository (click on the "Read about installing" link on that page). Once you have added the mscore-stable repository you can install MuseScore via the normal means.

Ubuntu purposely makes it tricky to install software that is not in the normal Ubuntu-reviewed repositories. This is so people don't accidentally install viruses or other bad software.

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