Set guitar string by frequency

• May 22, 2021 - 11:29

I'm inputting Castilla-Avila's microtonal guitar music to Musescore 'cos his tab drives me nuts; it would be nice if I could edit the string data for the guitar so that each string had a specific frequency. String 1 is G3 but then he steps down in 1/3's of a semitone.

Can anybody help?

I think maybe I can do this in the Inspector, but only note-by-note...seems cumbersome, if I have it right?

Thanks in advance


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Sorry, how does that work? I can't see how to select "all the notes on one string" (except by holding down CTRL and clicking one at a time, which is what I am trying to avoid). And by "Change the intonation", do you mean by using the inspector to change the tuning?

If you can link me a couple of help/tutorials I can work my way through them.

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