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• Jun 3, 2021 - 01:37

So that I can create a standard template with a standard publisher appearance, it would be nice to be able to have a frame that is attached to the first page of music, and not to a bar/measure. The frame would be used in any scores derived from the template, including parts.

I think this is similar to the requests for a "first-page-only" header and footer.

There seems to have been a discussion in 2015 but little since then.


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I've already tried that. I've attached a template that looks (but doesn't behave) the way I want. Whenever I use the template for a score, the extra frame gets ignored (or deleted).

According to the documentation, a frame has to be attached to a measure. What I'm after is a frame that's attached to a PAGE and which appears the same in all parts, let's say for a brass band (which has 14-16 parts).

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Do you mean that you want a title at the top and a frame at the bottom, both displayed only one the first page of the full score and on the first page of each of the parts? If so, does using a Subtitle or other frame (Composer, Lyrics) and dragging it down to the bottom do what you want?

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Yes, that is what I want. What you propose might work for some scores - but what I'm requesting is a way to avoid a workaround. Your suggestion is similar to the proposition of using $C in the footer. What if the score needs composer/arranger/lyricist and copyright etc in the proper place? You might run out of repurposable frames.

Using workarounds I can achieve what I want score by score, but not as a consistent solution.

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The problem with using metadata is that it is overwritten when a new score is created from a template. The closest simple workaround seems be to to create a new style that automatically places the text at the bottom of the page, but create the contents manually each time.

It seems that MuseScore nearly has the hooks to do this but things aren't quite wired up.

My normal notation program is Finale which does have page-attached text, and it's very useful.

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