drum score issue

• Jun 14, 2021 - 04:43

I can't seem to replicate a drumbeat 4 in file attached.

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Looks like your picture is from an instruction manual.
(Normally, down stems are used for feet, up stems for hands.)

To get what's shown, you can put everything in 1 voice, with note heads attached to the same stem like "chords":
Drum Beat.mscz

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Hmm, that manual appears to have been created by someone who doesn't know how to use their notation software properly, I'm afraid. I would recommend doing the people reading your music a favor and not trying try to reproduce this particular notation. Leave the defaults alone and it will be easier to enter and to read, and the drummers will thank you!

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Well, actually, I now realize I misspoke a bit, I was looking at the wrong picture. The one you got isn't bad, but it's still not the standard way drums are notated. So my basic advice stands - best to just use the defaults unless you are working for a publisher who insists on some other style. And in that case, the way to get that other style would be via the "Edit Drumset" button.

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