Voltas and Repeats - some confusion

• Jun 16, 2021 - 09:49

Hello - I have been exploring your marvelous program however become a bit confused on Voltas and repeats.
Attached are two files - Rev B and Rev C of "Palomita Blanca". The piece is usually played twice.
Rev B plays correctly. Bars 18 thru 32 are are the same as bars 2 to 16. I have tried to reflect this as a "repeat" in Rev C however the piece does not play properly.
I have read the various "nodes" and the manual and tried different things however without success.
I would appreciate you explaining the best way or the errors to be fixed.
Many Thanks


From what I can tell in C the repeats are played back properly (but not as you intend).

What is happening is that adding an end repeat at m17 "broke" the subsequent volta logic of m50. Both end repeats refer to the same start repeat (m2) resulting in you now reaching m50 only on the 2nd repeat (compared to the start repeat line).

If you keep in mind that the repeat is always referenced in comparison to it's starting point, then the following modifications, thought process is what I followed, in this order:

  1. For volta1 m50 set the repeatlist to "2", this will make it so we are thrown back to m2, starting the 3rd repeat
  2. We now want that 1st volta of m17 to be honored as well, so change the repeatlist to become "1,3"
  3. We have to make sure the repeat of that volta is executed the correct amount of times. Open up the measure/bar properties of m17 and set it's play count (as per the manual, always 1 higher than the number of entries in the repeatlist for the volta covering it) to 3. This will make us again go back to the start repeat, triggering the 4th repeat
  4. We want to take the 2nd volta of m18 now, so again expand the repeatlist to now read "2,4"
  5. Finally we also want that last 2nd volta (m51) to be taken now, so change its repeatlist to "4"

Resulting score attached.

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322241 - Palomita Blanca F Rev C.mscz 26.92 KB

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Jeetee thanks for your comment, I too have learned more to understand multible voltas. Maybe your important sentence can be added as a note in the handbook.
"Keep in mind that the repeat is always referenced in comparison to it's starting point"

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