Transposing just one instrument

• Jun 26, 2021 - 16:57

When writing, I like to enter the tune for the main instrument, then for one or more other instruments. I often want to try out different harmonies for the secondary instruments - so change from unison to a major third, or minor third, or whatever. I have tried right clicking on the secondary instrument and transposing, but although the notes change on the score, the playback sound doesn't change at all! What am I doing wrong?
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That's what I did, but - as I said - the notes change but the playback sound remains the same. What I want to do is to listen to the second instrument at various intervals from the main instrument, to decide if I want it to play a third below, or a fifth below, or anything else that might be nice.

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That's what I have been doing in the past - I was hoping for a quicker solution when I want the whole piece transposed.
So, instead of trying to transpose one stave in one hit - I should be trying to select all the notes for one stave in one hit instead of line by line? is that possible?

changing the transposing properties of an instrument just changes how the notes appear to the reader/player of the instrumen. THe actual played pitch does not change. If you first write a C for a non-transposing instrument, and then change the instrument to be a transposing instrument, say a major second down. Then the sounding pitch will still be C, but the player will see a D (when the player plays what he calls a D, it will sound a major second down, a C).

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Yes, thank you, that is what I have been doing in the past; I just wondered if there were a quicker way of doing it than having to do it line by line. I can only select one line of notes at a time.
Maybe I should instead be asking how I can select the entire notes for just one stave?

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