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• Jul 1, 2021 - 08:33

I am very happy to see the many new changes and new designs in Musescore 4. Even though it is not finalized yet, I would like to make another suggestion already. I like the solution in Sibelius for example (Dorico has similar solution) to print the parts and I thought maybe a similar idea could be brought into Musescore 4.

I am missing the possibility to print the whole orchestra score with all the individual part notes in a simple way. So everything you need to play a composition with orchestra. (e.g. 8x Violin + 8x Viola + 3x Cello + Contrabass + Piano + 2x Horn etc.)

I thought of the Publish TAB or the already existing Parts button ( although I would personally prefer the first position.) Here would be two incomplete proposals...

Publish Print Parts.jpg
Parts Print.jpg
Perhaps something like this could also be built into the instruments panel (that would be Dorico like).

What do you think? Is it only me who misses this possibility or do others agree?

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In the current version of Musescore the way to do this is to first export to PDF as a single file with score and all parts and then print that. I usually want the pdf anyway and I can send it to all players who can then print the pages they want and don't need Musescore to access them, just a pdf reader that is fairly ubiquitous.

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Yes, I know this possibility via PDF export. But for us usually the sheet music for the players and the conductor is printed out by one person and then distributed.
I always knew how to help myself and then just printed it out individually. But I would be very happy about the possibility to determine the number of the required parts in a single place and Musescore prints it automatically.

Aha! Yes, this was actually one of the (many) purposes of the 'Publish' tab. I was actually thinking of having the interface displayed up-front, since you'll notice there is no Inspector, Instruments or Palettes in this view. Instead, I wanted to have a special panel dedicated to these kinds of options.

We left it out of MuseScore 4.0 simply because we didn't believe we had time to implement and bugfix it.

I think the final result would be a little bit of a mesh between your two concepts. We need to put one of our designers on it to flesh out the idea. It may not make it for 4.0... but we can always start now and target it at the following release.

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After the feedback on the Discord server I tried to implement what I understood. As mentioned by Tantacrul, ScoreView could then be the PreView...

That would be the first possibility:
Publish Print Dialog (Settings_Inspector).png
Left the list with the parts ( I think you can leave out the Parts_Tab bar at this place, because it would be simply duplicated. But not all parts have to be open all the time, so I decided to use the panel on the left side, where all available parts should appear in any case).
As soon as a part is clicked (and the Print button is clicked?) the settings for printing appear on the right side of the panel.

Publish Print Dialog (Popup).png
Alternatively you could use a gear icon and a popup see picture two. I personally like the second solution with the popup more

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