Identifying percussion instrument.

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Hello everyone!

How to locate the Zabumba percussion instrument, what would its number be in the GM percussion instrument table in MuseScore?



Since it doesn't have a standard definition, you can use like Bass-drum and Hi-hat. If you have a soundfont, you can adjust the settings accordingly.

If you don't have a soundfont with this instrument, I can make one.

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Ziya Mete Demircan!

Thanks for the teaching, really Bumbo plays very similar. I don't have knowledge and I don't have a sound source to create the sound of this instrument. Therefore, if you can help me with this I would be very grateful! It is for teaching purposes with my students here in Brazil.
I even just transcribed a song (attachment) and included Bumbo. Although the name is zabumba but the instrument I used was really the Bumbo.


Cantigas de Sabiá.mscz

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Since it doesn't have a standard definition, I made a soundfont for you that you can use like Bass-drum and Hi-hat.

Extract the files from the zip file.
Copy the soundfont (Zabumba.sf2) to your soundfont folder,
There is a copy of the score you made open it //I changed it a little for demonstration.
Use the "Load from score" button from the synthesizer.
And play the score.
You have 4 different tuned Zabumba instruments, you can listen to each one by changing them from the Mixer. //Zabumba 1 to Zabumba 4

One of the files you extracted from the zip is a file named "Zabumba.drm". You can copy this file to your "Styles" folder.
To use this drum map and shortcuts on a new score // zabumba.sf2 should be loaded on your synthesizer and preferably at the bottom:
Add a Drum Set to your score. // Percussion/Unpitched/Drum Set
Click anywhere on the Drumset-staff and press the "N" key on your keyboard.
Now the drum staff is in the note entry mode.
You will see a button on the left. It's called "Edit drum kit". Press it, now a popup window will open. You can load this "drm" file with the "Load" button there.

License: I really don't know the source of these samples I used in the soundfont. But I don't think there is any harm in using it for educational purposes. Sample rate is also a bit low: 32000.

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