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• Jul 12, 2021 - 03:33

will there be backwards compatibility or we still have to keep all the previous versions on our systems?


I think there should be, if nothing else, a popup (as already present) asking whether to keep the previous layout, etc.

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Shoichi it's not the layout that I am concerned about, it's the file format. so far if a file is saved at an older version's format it is not readable by the newer versions, which means we have to keep all of the older versions running on our systems...and that is annoying

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it opens the files but there are large parts of the notation and text missing and the error message was that the file is created using an older version and cannot be displayed correctly or is corrupted. but when I open it with v2 everything is fine. I am talking about charts for 4 or 5 instruments. at the moment I am keeping the old version as well and try to re-create the old files in the new version (which is a lot of work but thanks to Covid I've got a lot of free time at the moment )


Actualmente no existe ninguna opción por defecto desarrollada de base. La única alternativa es el plugin "TEMPO CHANGES"

El gran problema de "Tempo Changes" es que lanza bastantes elementos de texto oculto, que aunque no se impriman con la partitura, si entorpece la labor de edición de la obra musical con musescore.

No estaría mal alguna opción para que en "Tempo Changes" no aparezcan las indicaciones de tiempo en cada nota individual como texto de sistema oculto (en gris), si no el tiempo inicial y el tiempo final en el intervalo de compases seleccionado.

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