how to disconnect connected staves

• Jul 18, 2021 - 09:11

Attached please find a simple and short score with connected staves.
How can I disconnect them? when staves are connected if I add a repeat at the end of the score it will be added at the end of every line, and I want it only at the last line.
One way is to create a new score and copy/paste each line.
But surely there is a smarter way.
Thank you

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I tried to append few measures and they came as connected systems again
I wanted as you guessed right to have few systems for the same instruments
so I probably did not understand you correctly
or perhaps appending has different behaviour than adding measures
thank you

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Appending measures does exactly that. But to all staves of a system.

You apparently want only one instrument with one staff (but 4 systems), but created a score with 4 instrument instead (and using just one system)

Where did you append, in your score or in mine?

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