Some Chord symbols (e.g. "Bbt7" ) are not written correclty unless the style being reset

• Jul 23, 2021 - 13:58

When I add a new Chord Symbol on a not (CTRL+K) with anything else than the raw fundamental name (e.g. "Bbt7", "A-", "G#7", ...) than the fundamental is not displayed.
I manage to make it appear by setting the chord style (settings) to "Jazz" and resetting to "Standard".

New chord symbol:

Is shown incorreclty:

Style set to "Jazz":

Style resset to "Standard":

Important to now

The score is created via a plugin with the following instruction:

var score = newScore("Workout", "bass-flute", 99);

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It seems that when creating the score thru the API some styles are not set correctly.
I've tried to correct that programmatically without success.
I guess the right style is chordStyle from the Sid list but I don't know to access it from the code.
Both this;

var score = newScore("Workout", "bass-flute", 1);
var cs=eval("Sid.chordStyle");
console.log("CHORD STYLE:" + score.styles.value(cs));

and this

var score = newScore("Workout", "bass-flute", 1);
console.log("CHORD STYLE:" + score.styles.value(Sid.chordStyle));

are returning an error that "Sid" is unknown.

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