Double Dotted Barline

• Jul 24, 2021 - 02:12


I am trying to transcribe a score (see attachment), and there is a barline that I cannot figure out how to replicate.. I was able to do a single dotted barline in the right place, but there is no preset double dotted barline and Musescore will not allow me to put more than one barline.

Is there a solution for this?

Thank you



Doesn't look like they implemented that.

If you really feel like emulating the other guy's typography, an optional workaround could possibly be to add an extra measure and make it as small as possible, hide its rest, and make its barline also a single dash and attempt to align them. Problem is that the gap between the two might not be equivalent to a standard double line, so if you went this route, i'd change a double barline to be equivalent to the distance you can muster from doing this type of thing:


Of course you could add a custom line, but that might be even more hectic since the dash pattern changes per staff on a single-dash barline, so you would probably have to hide it and then place two of them. If you went that route, do it only at the end though since line layout is finicky when things start shifting around. G'luck.

Alternatively, and maybe the easiest.... screw it: use the snapshot tool upon a single dashed barline and then paste it and align by eye after turning off Automatic Placement.

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