scoring a piece with voltas and repeats

• Aug 3, 2021 - 01:32

I have a special requirement and don't know how to score it:
The piece has 4 verses, verses 1 & 2 and 3 & 4 have a 2 each 1 measure ending (1=3, 2=4)
after the first 2 verses the refrain plays on a repeat as well, with a solo on the first repeat and a DS on the second which includes verses 3 & 4. before ending at the FINE.
After scoring this (simple example provided) I noticed that the volta is ignored on the first pass to verse 2.

So to make it clear: verse 1 plays, ending 2 skips, refrain with solo play ok, DS al Fine and ending play ok
including the 2 separate endings for verse 3 and 4 !
The performance order is for a larger piece, but the fundamental flow is the same. It works well on Finale
from a friend but an export xml behaves just like the example.

Thanks for the help

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I noticed that the volta is ignored on the first pass to verse 2.

For the first volta, in the Inspector, set the 'Repeat List' to 1,2 instead of 1.
Aside from that, I'm unclear about how you want the D.S. al Fine observed.

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Ooops, and thank you, I must have been tired. I corrected a few basic things
to show the proper flow, but it still doesn't quite make it.
Attached file now has the proper (in my view) expected flow.
It looks like the DS disrupts the repeat count, Or the nested repeat may need to be
accounted for in the final set up. The DS al Fine works fine.

From the 2nd verse on the refrain I want to go back to the very beginning (Segno)
and play verses 3 and 4 followed by verse 1 of the refrain and ending with the 2 measures after the fine

For the most part it is close but I can't figure out how to fix it. The Tools --> Unroll repeats shows
the sequence as it is played.

Thanks for your time.

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4 verse and refrain.mscz 7.64 KB

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Finally I got the answer.
On the jump directive DS al Segno I had to enable repeats (last item) using the Inspector.
now the flow is as expected.
On the "Repeats and Jumps" section and I quote:
After the jump, and following established convention, only the last round of any simple repeat section is played back. If you want playback to take these repeats in full:
1 - Select the applicable jump symbol;
2 - In the "Jump" section of the Inspector, check "Play Repeats".

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