MuseScore "blocks" access to audio interface

• Aug 4, 2021 - 19:50

When running MuseScore on Windows 10, it's the only application whose output is heard via the audio interface (on a Behringer mixer).

For any other application - Audacity, Reaper, MediaMonkey, VLC Media Player, the output is immediately disabled as soon as I fire up Musescore. The other applications seem to "freeze" to some extent. For instance, as soon as I launch Musescore, MediaMonkey will no longer even play a track. Audacity will not play a track, greys out many options (like the selected audio input/output devices and the preferences item on the File menu). VLC Media Player will play the track, but nothing is heard. The only choice I have if trying to run any of these programs while MuseScore is running (like now when I'm trying to transcribe a recording) is to instead direct their output to the computer's built-in speakers.

If I leave these applications running and close MuseScore, these other applications are then able to play, sending their output through the audio interface.

I have tried to make adjustments to MuseScore's I/O settings, but any setting that still directs MuseScore output to the audio interface will block other applications from accessing that device.

Any suggestions/ideas are appreciated.



In case of interference with other programs, esp. on Windows, go into your soundcard configuration from Control Panel and ensure that the Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device in the Advanced tab of both Playback and Recording is unticked.

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Thanks for the suggestion! I un-checked the "Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device" for both Playback and Recording. I also re-booted after the change, and no joy.

MuseScore still seems to be taking control of the audio interface. I can fire up VLC Media Player, verify that the output is being directed to the audio interface, then launch MuseScore. As soon as MuseScore is running (with or without a score loaded), the audio interface ceases to work for any other application. If I close MuseScore, the other applications can again send output to the audio interface.

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