Volume Function

• Aug 11, 2021 - 04:31

In the mixer, the volume function gives a value from 0 to 127. What do these numbers signify? I am looking to make one part half or third as loud as the 1st violin, what ratio of values should I have?


MuseScore uses the MIDI standard for msot things relating to playback. those are, I believe, MIDI channel velocity settings (not to be confused with MIDI velocity settings, which are per note, not per channel).

But concepts like "half as loud" aren't very quantifiable, much will depend on the specific soundfont, the specific frequencies and overtones or pitches involved, the overall volume you are listening at, and more. Basically, there is no forumala to give you an answer, best to just "earball" it.

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That assumes, of course, the mixer is the right place to do this at all - that is, that you're talking about temporary override to the actual dynamic for practice purposes or whatever. If you're saying you want that instrument to actually play more quietly, that's not done with the mixer, but through adding dynamic markings - after all, musicians reading the music can't see the mixer!

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