Trouble With Copyright Text

• Aug 23, 2021 - 15:28


Some years ago, I made an arrangement for piano trio of Moon River. It's sold online several times, and all has been well. Suddenly, the copyright text required keeps cropping up in the wrong place - just in one part. Can anybody help? More sure than usual that it isn't me, as the file's not been live for a while. All attempts to re-edit, and checking that all is well with the exported file have come to nothing. All looks fine on the site preview, and the error, though seen in part of the email sent by the site administrator, doesn't translate to the screenshot size!


No without seeing the score itself

But how can you sell an arrangement of Moon River, which itself is still copyrighted? Do you hace the original copyright holder's (written!) consent?

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It's sold through the 'Arrange Me' programme with Sheet Music Plus, with the required copyright details added at the bottom of the score. I can send you the full score, but it won't show where the error is - that only seems to appear at the other (customer/administrator) end.

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It's not cutting anything off anywhere, what's happening is that although I've added the frame & inserted text correctly, and that's what's seen on the MuseScore file and the exported PDF, when somebody opens the PDF at the 'other end' - I'm presuming this is the administrator and/or customer - the copyright text just for the violin part, and not the piano or 'cello part, appears over one system of music. I've checked, re-checked, edited and re-edited, to no avail!

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