Brackets for Grand staff and 3 staves in same score

• Aug 25, 2021 - 17:10

Sorry if this has already been discussed but I did a search and didn't see anything exactly what I want. First of all, I would like a Grand Staff for part of my score (Treble and Bass staff), then a triple piano staff (2 Treble staffs and one bass staff) for the rest of the score. Not sure how to do that. Since I don't know how to do the first request, I was using a triple staff but hiding the first staff for part of the score. Problem is, what do I do with the brackets. (See attachment). I want a bracket for two staves, then a longer bracket for the triple staves. Musescore wants the same size brackets for the whole score. It won't allow different length brackets. Also, one minor issue that is tangentially related to this issue. When I want to hide a staff, as I mention above, I can't highlight multiple measures and hide them all at once, I must hide each measure one at a time.
Any suggestions? If this is a known issue, I would like to report it to be fixed in Musescore 4.
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Seems to work OK for me. Here is what happens when I hide empty staves with each of the three staves empty in turn - I used different clefs to show which was which.


Please attach an example score and say which version of MuseScore and which operating system.

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Some users have a text item with its colour set to the same as the paper so that it can't be seen but is not "invisible" to MuseScore. This can be added to your pallet of choice and then added to the score in a measure you don't want to be hidden when the stave and system it is in is otherwise empty. I think there is a feature request to have a settable measure property that makes it behave as non-empty to provide an "official" way to achieve the same effect.

[Edit] Suggestion here #43916: Exceptions to hidden staves for specific systems

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