Can two voices in the same staff use different sounds, volumes, panning etc?

• Sep 8, 2021 - 11:15

When you have a staff with multiple voices (typically SA staff and TB staff for vocal scores) it seems possible in the mixer to use different sounds for the individual voices. You can select a piano sound for the soprano voice and a choir sound for the alto voice. But it doesn't work. The voices still both use the sound of the parent channel "Women".

What I need to accomplish is to create individual exported audio files that let's me choose different sounds and levels for a single voice, which is straightforward when every voice has its own channel, but seems impossible when working with a "closed score".

I've tried creating Parts but it doesn't really work either.


Yes. At least some 'instruments', like Men and Women, or generally all with different channels, all strings, many guitars, most brass.
You need a staff text though to assign the voices to a channel. For S/A aand T/B those are available in the text palette (for brass and strings too)

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