One Piece Medley

• Mar 7, 2016 - 03:19

This is here because I got bored so I decided to post a link to my One Piece Medley, so yeah. Criticisms are welcome.


if you still use this site, here is my first criticism.

only after hearing the first piece i can tell you this isn't the piece to start on. this is a beautiful middle point. but as an opening its too triumphant. you don't want to open a medley like this. maybe something more grandiose would fit better there.

and feel free to add your own twists on the arrangements to make them more unique while still retaining the beauty of the original. you hear this a lot in DCI shows that use classical and modern music.
just a penny for your thoughts.

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after listening further i do have have to commend you on your great transcriptions. i do enjoy the love and care that you put into making these sound like the originals.
small idea of mine that maybe you will enjoy.
make the medley play out like an episode of one piece. have your opening, your music, your eyecatchers, more music, and then boom close it out with that beautiful next episode sneak peak.

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