Changing the duration of a ChordRest element

• Sep 30, 2021 - 14:44

Is it possible to modify the duration of an element with the API ?
ChordRest have duration properties heritated from the DurationElement, but they are all readonly.
What is the correct way for changing this duration ?


One way would be to use the selection interface to select the chordrest, then issue duration commands.
Another way is to overwrite it with something from a new duration.

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Oh thanks. I don't have the reflex to go and look into those UI commands. I went the first way.

The API is the poor relation of MuseScore. Between the commands that only exist as UI commands, the ones that are not reversible (undo those not work on them,), the ones that crash MS, ... :-p I wish I sometime have the time and the knowledge of C to dig into this API.

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