how to add half notes next to quarter notes

• Oct 11, 2021 - 19:35

This might seem obvious to some but in the music pdf attached there are half notes used for the second verse. I was thinking these would be added as voice 3 & 4 and then you move them to the right using the chord offset. Is this the best way?


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Huh. apparently we are slightly more clever that I remember. and know that since the same note is in both voice 1 & 3, it should display one of them on the opposite side of the stem. That would be the norm when there are unisons and you not displacing one of them via an offset. So, you'll need to manually mirror it back, with Shfit+X (twice, I guess - once to go from Auto to Right, then again to go to Left - or just set it directly in the Inspector).

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