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• Oct 17, 2021 - 06:22

How do I access my profile?

If I take the dropdown next to my name, and select My Profile, it takes me to some page at, but there is no access to my profile there either.




It's rather tricky to find, but if you got to My Posts in the Activity tab here on, you should see a three-dot menu in the top right corner above your activity status. There you can edit profile information for this website.

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Thanks. I saw the three dots menu on that page and got to "settings".

Now the real reason for my concern with this. I noticed last night that posts on the forum were showing the time as UTC + 1:00. I thought that in my profile there might be a time zone preference which I had not earlier set.

But when I, just now, got to my profile, there was no such.

Nevertheless, I put in my country (had not done that before). Now all the forum times are shown as UTC - 2:00.

My current time zone (Mountain time zone, daylight time in effect) is UTC -6:00.


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