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• Oct 19, 2021 - 20:06

Hello, I have a problem with playing a song when going from a whole measure to a 12/8 measure. It is supposed to keep the Listesso tempo. I don't know how to set it up it keeps playing my eighth notes in twos, not threes. Thank you.


It's not totally clear what you mean, but I guess maybe you need to add a tempo text marking, quarter = dotted quarter or vice versa. If you need further assistance, please attach your score and describe more specifically what you'd like to hear different.

If you want the four beats to remain constant across a change of time signature, then you need an extra Tempo element defined at the 12/8 as "dotted quarter/dotted crotchet = ? bpm (same bpm as the "quarter = ? bpm" of the preceding 4/4 passage.

L'istesso tempo example.jpg

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Nice piece. One question: did you perhaps miss a tempo change at m. 52? On listening I feel that perhaps the tempo should revert to quarter-note = 60 when the time signature changes back from 12/8 to common time. Or was the speed-up intentional at that point?

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When I was checking the notes from the beginning and filling in the missing ones, I got to the 12/8 bar and wrote "L´istesso tempo" according to the original and it immediately played wrong. Then I tried different ways of metronome, but I immediately cancelled it as the result did not change. It might play faster, but still in two eighths. I also looked in MIDI and there are some eighth notes longer than others. I don't understand. What if I delete this part and re-write it. I don't understand that your example plays fine for me and the same grouping in another song, doesn't. Thank you for your help.

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Dear sir, thank you very much. I couldn't have solved this without your help. It was only after seeing your pictures that I understood. It's all fixed now and it plays fine. I can send it to the pupils. Thank you again and all the best. Sincerely, Jan Vizner.

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