Repeats not working

• Oct 21, 2021 - 21:32

I'm trying to have it repeat using both left and right repeat bars, and "play repeats" is set to on, but for some reason it just ignores them both and plays the next measure. There are other repeats in my score that work fine. What could be going wrong here?


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I immediately see a few problems:
1. you have an unmatched end repeat bar at rehearsal mark I. You either need to delete that or add a start repeat bar somewhere between rehearsal marks I and H.
2, you have three segnos, three DS al Segnos and three Codas. But they are not individually named. Click on a segno and look in the inspector at the label, They are all labelled "segno". Similarly all Codas are labelled "codab" and all DS all Segnos say jump to segno and continue at codab. The DS al Segnos need to jump to a uniquely identified segno and continue at a uniquely identified coda. So in the inspector give the segnos and codas different labels and enter the corresponding labels in the DS al Segnos.

The result of those problems is that MuseScore is confused about what order to play things in.

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A tip: I suspected there was a mismatched repeat bar somewhere and used the timeline (press f12 to display) to see the overview of repeats and jumps. The mismatched start and end repeats was easy to find. I also saw the multiple DS al codas there which prompted me to check those.

A plug for the timeline: It is great for sorting out misbehaving jumps as well as providing a convenient way to navigate large scores and to toggle the visibility of individual instruments.

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