Note pitch adjustment with the arrow keys "up and down"

• Oct 22, 2021 - 22:03

When i use the "up and down" arrow keys to adjust the pitch of a note, the note always goes up or down by a half step, which is cool. But sometimes i would like the note to only go to pitches within the keysignature that i have chosen, so the note either moves from line to space or from space to line, and no sharps, flats or naturals, will be added when i press the arrow keys up or down. This would for example be helpful when i'm trying to get the right pitches by just listening and i don't want other tones than the ones that are in the keysignature to be played.

I just couldn't find the setting to change this. So if the feature is already in the software, i would like to know where to find it. And if it's not, it would be really helpful if you sometime in the future added this feature to the software.

Thank you! :-)


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