How do I add notes while another note is still going?

• Oct 23, 2021 - 23:08

I want to have a not, and then while the note is still playing have more notes added to it so it becomes a chord.
I am not very good at explaining it.


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As I understand your drawing you are trying to build an Fmaj triad from the bottom up.

You could use voices but you would need to have rests before the second and third notes to show where in the measure they start. This seems a bit messy and difficult to read. (Option 1)

The usual way to notate this would be to have a quarter note F, tied to a quarter note F+A, tied to a half note F+A+C. (Option 2)

Another way to notate it, if you are not too bothered about the exact timing is to just have a whole note chord with an arpeggio marking. (Option 3)

These three different options are shown below and here: BuildChord.mscz


[Edit]. Actually, option 3 can be made to sound exactly like the other by adjusting the time stretch of the arpeggio in the inspector. A value of 8.0 should make it sound like the other two options, Of course, if you put it in front a live piano player anything could happen :-)

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