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• Oct 25, 2021 - 01:43

For my concert band piece, the software keeps writing out all the parts and displaying on tabs above the content window, without any request from me. I now have parts for at least a dozen bands! How can I delete and reset? I just re-downloaded and re-installed Musecore 3.6, 10/24/21.

I also have an unrelated problem: that my display shows only a continuous score, rather than sheet by sheet as per my print layout. It will print my pdf per my page layout, but not display it. I understood the default was to display page layout.

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Thanks so much. On the first question, I tried the procedure you referenced -- File/Parts, click All Parts (it selects only the last one, conga -- see screen grab), then Delete (appears to delete only that part). The entire rest of the multiple bands' parts are still there on their tabs!

As to producing a ton of parts, is there a setting I am missing to stop it happening unless I request parts? I realize I'm old and confused and it could be a Windows 10 problem, as I have others. But pls help if you can.

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You wrote:
The entire rest of the multiple bands' parts are still there on their tabs!

In your screenshot Congas is selected for deletion, so when you press 'Delete', that's what gets deleted. Keep successively pressing 'Delete' to clear the entire list. (Or scroll to the very top of the list and begin there.)

Regarding "a ton of parts"...
Don't click on 'All Parts' (more than once) as that is what generates a tab for each part. For example, if you have a score with 2 instruments and click on 'All Parts' five times you will generate 10 tabs above the content window..

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