Trouble Adding 8va to left hand treble clef notes

• Oct 25, 2021 - 21:27

This is my first post and i'm very new to musescore. I'm running into difficulty adding 8va to a single note played with the left hand in the treble clef. 8vaProblem shows the source, and 8vaBug.jpg shows what happens when i select that single note in the left hand-treble and attempt to add ottava. It places the 8va above two beats in the right-hand treble clef, and when i attempt to move the anchors to bracket only the note in the left hand treble, the 8va moves to another measure either above or below the target measure in the score, and sometimes leaves just the anchor visible and the 8va disappears entirely, as shown in the 8vaBug2 jpg file. I have to add this ottava to about 7 different notes like this so any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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I tried moving the note to the upper treble staff (not sure if i'm using the proper terminology) and i could get the note in the right place without screwing up the rest of the measure. However, when i try to add ottava to the note that i have now moved to the treble/right hand it has the same problem, it wants to add the ottava to the entire last two beats. Well i actually noticed that it's not adding it to all 8 of the 16th notes, rather only 7 of the last 8, the last 16th note is not encompassed. Again, i don't want the ottava added to anything other than the high F in this measure, but again when i try to move the purple anchors it goes WAY haywire. It's even more perplexing because there is another note, the A quarter note, that i applied the 8va to with no problem. Is there a problem with the 16 notes than span across the treble/bass clef at the end of the measure? I'm really just trying to get this piece into a piano learning software so i can learn it so having the note placed properly helps the software tell me if i'm playing the note correctly. I say that just to say that i'm less concerned with the measure lining up with an engraving standard and more concerned with it just being the right note. Hoping for any help with this.

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Ok that did it. Previously, when i left clicked a single note, and then clicked ottava in the pallette, it woudl only apply the 8va to the single note i had selected, as in the A quarter note earlier in that measure. But that was not working in the case of the 16th note. However, following your link and reading the instructions to "Adding a line to a single note" instructed me to click the first note, and then Ctrl-CLick the next note, then click the line (ottava). That limited the ottava to the single note with which i was concerned. Thank you for your help and have a great day :)

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