Volta with text “2., 3.” won’t play the third time

• Oct 28, 2021 - 03:33

I’m notating a song with a first ending closed volta and a second ending closed volta. The second ending should be repeated twice so in the Inspector, after the “2.” I added “, 3.” I also changed the play count to 3 in Measure Properties for the last measure with the end repeat. In playback, it works until, after playing ending 2 and going back to the first repeat it reaches the end of the measure before the first volta measure, where playback should jump to the second volta for the “3” ending. Instead it jumps to the measure that follows the end repeat at the end of that second volta. I tried changing the punctuation to “2.,3.”(didn’t help), and changing the play count on the last measure of the second volta to 4(didn’t help either). How can I get it to play the second volta on both endings 2 and 3? Thanks


It's not clear from this if you actually changed the repeat list or just the text - be sure to do both. If that's doesn't solve it, please attach your score so we can understand and assist better.

I’m posting the answer to my own question: there is a third field that must be adjusted to get the correct number of repeats: the “repeat list” on the Inspector, which at least on my screen, wasn’t visible until I scrolled down with the arrow on the bottom of the Inspector box. I did read about it in the handbook but at least to me it wasn’t clear that the repeat list was different from the text field on the Inspector.
So for this example the answer is 1) on Inspector change text field to 2., 3.
2) on Inspector scroll down to repeat list and change to 2, 3
3) select last measure with end repeat, go to measure properties and change repeat field to 4 (I think)
Sorry about the misunderstanding; maybe this will help anyone else who had trouble with playback.

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