How to add new staff?

• Jul 12, 2014 - 00:11

This is driving me up the wall, but I just can't find a way to add a new staff to an existing instrument. The exception being that I append new measures until the staff "shrinks" to the point that a new staff is created. This I know. But I want to create a new staff after every 7th measure. Is there a way to determine this "cutoff" point?


If I understand your question, no, you cannot globally insert a random number of measures every random number of measures.

To speed your doing them individually, I would go to plugins, select "break ......" set the number to 7 and do what I have to do.


It's generally a bad idea to fix the number of bars (measures) per line. Different time groupings will occupy different amounds of space, so two minims will not take the same space as 8 quavers.

If you start fixing the number of bars per line then you will rapidly run into spacing issues unless your music is of a very simple nature.

You can force a linebreak whenever you wish to by dragging the line break tool from the Breaks & Spacer pallete to a bar and then releasing the mouse when the bar turns grey.

FWIW MuseScore makes a pretty good job of spacing music automatically, although personally I think it packs it a little too tightly. If you are finding things too compact you can increase the stretch value by selecting 1 or more measures and selecting Add More Stretch from the Layout menu.

These days I tend to ignore stretch and just use linebreaks to control spacing.


I find that MuseSCore makes way too many measures per line by default. I create blank templates for piano/vocal, piano, small brass ensemble etc. I set them to have 100 or 200 measures spaced 4 measures per line. I find this makes it easier to input the notes. Once I have placed all the notes I delete the line breaks and then manually re-insert them to get the spacing right. I would typically have 3, 4 or 5 measures per line, occasionally 2 and sometimes 5 or even 6 to get it to all fit before the end of a section, for instance.

When copying, transcribing or re-arranging from an original (non-copyright) piece I find that these tend to be older pieces and have the notes much more tightly packed (it saved paper and made printing quicker back in the day that it was first done). Then I start with no line breaks but add them in according to the spacing in the original. I know that I will often end up with fewer measure per line than the original and that it will look quite ugly but I leave it at this until I have checked that all the notes, lyrics, dynamics etc, are placed correctly and then (finally) manually re-space everything.

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