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My last posting was to enquire if it was possible to mute a track or tracks during playback.
The kind reply I received drew my attention to the Mixer Palette.
The piece Music is for a Bb Cornet, a Harp and a Cello.
I have disregarded the MIDI section because I think that it is only the synthesiser settings that apply to this piece.
At the top of the Mixer page there is a ticked box which has next to it ;-

                                                               <   " play part only "  >

I have tried clicking on it to see if there is an alternative, as there usually tends to be with such boxes, but it stays ticked whether clicked or not. ( Since it doesn't change... I am wondering what it is there for ? ) I also noted the 300 different instrument Sounds whose names scroll down in the Window called

                                                                          <  " Sounds " >

Initially I set the Volume and Pan to around halfway
I clicked on the last 3 of the 4 visible buttons, which creates a green, orange, and a purple square numbered 2, 3, and 4 to appear.
Concerning the red and green lights at the tops of the faders, I clicked on the Green light ( 1 ) to Solo the first track, the Bb Cornet.
The Harp, which is notated on both a Treble and Bass Stave seems controlled by Voice 3 whose Mute switch I illuminated ( in addition to ensuring that the Orange square in the line of the 4 Mute Voice buttons is coloured in, depicting that it is Mute as well)
Now for the difficult part.
During various playbacks I used the < " Sound " > Window in the Mixing Display to give me access to the 300 other instruments that the Synthesizer creates.
To my delight every single instrument came up immediately and I received an extremely good impression of what the sound would be if it had been Scored with a different Melody Instrument.
I decided therefore, to try out other sounds for the Harp Part that I had been using as an accompaniment.
In The < " Mute Voice " > Section of the Mixer I duly clicked on 1 and 4 to bring up the Blue and Purple Squares.
It seems that " 2 " represents the Harp.
I then illuminated the Green Light to solo the Harp and activated the Red to to Mute the Cornet and the Cello.
Checking the playback I found that this worked fine.
The Harp sound was the same.
To introduce other sounds, I stopped Playback clicked on " Rewind " and re-set the scrolling list of 300 instruments.
I chose one Sound after another in this Trial, but the Harp sound stayed the same no matter what the readout in the Window was,
It is as if that facility to Mute ( and change the sound of ) Parts is not available to me beyond the First part, the one for the cornet.
I can make no further changes to the Mixer that I can see, so I am wondering if this version of Muse can do this at all, or, is there something I am overlooking to bring about the changes in Sounds that I am seeking.
May any of you Forum Members help me here please ?

Sam Waylen


I'm fairly confused as to how your score is supposed to look. Have you really written 3 different instruments on the same single staff?
Because that would be rather uncommon.

And if each instrument is in it's own staff (as would be common) then you would have no need at all to be using the mute voice buttons..

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Dear jeetee,
Thank you very much for your rapid reply.
I am sorry.
I new in advance that this would be complicated.
When I set up the original score, the one that I need assistance with in this Forum, I chose a Bb Cornet to carry the tune.
The name of this instrument appears to the left of the topmost Staff.
Below it is a pair of Staffs, the upper one a Treble, and the Lower one, a Bass.
These correspond to the right and left hand movements on the part of the harp player.
On these staffs I have composed some arpeggiation as accompaniment to the Cornet.
The lowest, the fourth staff, is for the Violincello.
It occupies one staff , a second, separate Bass staff.
That is the layout for the three instruments.
During Playback, all three instruments can be heard.
I am currently wondering from your comment how it is that the mute version buttons do not need to be used.
Might I ask what You do if you want to hear only one instrument out of three during playback ?
Surely there must be some use of the mouse to effect this.

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Right. Thank you. You have re-inforced many of the basic steps that I thought I might have got wrong.
BUT....the most important part of my posting should have been as follows.
When playing the piece with the harp and cello muted, I hear the Melody.
Muse Score permits me to go to the , " Sound " . section, ( third down from " Name " and " Channel " and, when I click it open I am faced with the scroll of the 300 instruments whose sound I can swop it for.
That much is good and I am pleased.

HOWEVER, when I mute the other two parts, the Cornet and the Bass, and try to swop the Harp for ANY of the 300 instruments.......NOTHING HAPPENS ! There is no change, no matter what instrument's sound I select. The only audible sound during the playback continues to be the harp.

Now THAT is where my problem lies.

Is there some aspect of programming this that I have overlooked ?

Not wanting to pester you, but finding myself quite stuck , I wonder if you might continue to be able to help me please ?



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Make sure that after you've muted the cornet and bass part, that you click the harp track again to assign it's sound. It could be that you're actually swapping sounds on one of the muted instruments?

As for me swapping sounds still seems to work with other instruments muted (if done for the correct instrument).

You say your score is for Bb Cornet, a Harp and a Cello.
Therefore, the Mixer should show 3 faders with S (for solo) and M (for mute) buttons above each fader. These control the instrument whose name appears below the fader. You really shouldn't need to mess around with "Mute Voice" buttons if you only wish to solo (or mute) individual instrument playback. None of those voice numbers 1,2,3, or 4 should be 'lit up'.

With 3 instruments in your score, choose the one you wish to hear by itself and select the 'Solo" button for that instrument. (There is no need to 'Mute' the others.)

If you find that you can only change sounds for the cornet, be sure you have selected (clicked on) the harp (in the Mixer) and then change the 'Sound'.

EDIT: Refer to jeetee's image posted above...

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