Bar numbering with voltas

• Dec 8, 2021 - 00:18

I've just noticed that musescore gives separate numbers to 1st and 2nd volta bars (the alternate endings to a section). This is counter to the standard approach where these would be given the same numbers (i.e. for a single bar ending, both 1st and 2nd volta might be bar 18. Automatic numbering in musescore would make these 18 and 19). I can't find a way to edit the bar number values in musescore.

The musescore approach makes lots of sense, after all they are just place markers for practice in groups. But in this case I am transposing a violin piece for Cello, which has an existing piano guitar and violin accompaniments, numbered according to tradition. I'd rather not re-write the other parts for bar numbers.


You can right-click the seconding ending measure, click Measure Properties (measures = bar, US vs UK terminology) and then enable the option to exclude from the count.

For what it's worth though, in my collection of score it is not standard at all to give those bars the same number.

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