create combined part with only lyrics from second stave

• Jan 3, 2022 - 11:06

I'd like to create a combined part from two staves (voice and guitar), but from voice I would like to get only the lyrics.
Background info: The guitar player needs a hint, where the lyrics go, to be able to follow with the correct chords (the guitar plays broken chords all-over).


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Ok, this works. A bit tricky (finally I don't get removed the arcs... but no problem).
Disadvantage that remains: a big gap between the lines. But better than nothing!

Do you think that for the future this demand could be of interest for other people - so that some day an internal function/flag would support this?

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Maybe just an extension of the already existing flag concerning the visibility of the main elements of a stave:
- display notation
- display chords
- display lyrics

Display chords may also be interesting in some cases (up to now I often copy the chords to the stave of interest, e.g. I want to have the voice stave together with the chords that are notated in the piano stave)

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