Change numbers of instruments/staves throughout the piece

• Jan 21, 2022 - 03:48

Hi, I'm notating a choral piece that switches from unison to parts and back again throughout. Is it possible to begin with one stave (for the unison section), introduce a second stave (when the part-work comes in), then back to one stave for more unison etc. etc.? TIA!

ETA: I found the answer in a search - in "Stave/Part Properties" there is the option to hide stave when empty. This was automatically set to "Auto" in my file but when I changed it to "Always" the unused staves disappeared.


Also, the "auto" setting means the staff obeys the global "hide empty staves: setting in Format / Style / Score. So, if you have have only one staff you want hidden when empty, it's best to use the Staff/Part Properties as you describe, but if you want all staves to do this, easier to just set the global option for the score.

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