Import PDF text to Musescore

• Jan 21, 2022 - 11:00

I'm involved in church music, and need to add the text of verses to a Musescore hymn tune. The verses need to have differnt colours for some lines (don't ask!!). I've got them in Word and as a PDF, but if I copy the text into a text pane, the colours get lost. Is there a way of avoiding this please? I've tried it the other way round, by inserting a screen shot into the Word file, but the music then has a green tinge all over it.
I'm using version 3.6.2



You can color individual syllables via the Inspector, and even make it a style setting for all even or all odd stanzas there.
The copy from work/pdf and paste to MuseScore indeed gets rid of the color and makes them defaulting to the color of their style (black by default)

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