No audio device on Mac M1

• Jan 27, 2022 - 20:38

In my m1 musescore don't see any audio device available... on intel it works,.

how to solve?


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To be clear, I think it's very likely that there is an incompatibility between something on your system and how it is setup and the underlying audio libraries as used by MuseScore. There are plenty of issues with those as well.

I believe part of those issues is one of the reasons why for MuseScore 4 the underlying audio system is redesigned, so it'll be good once Alpha release is there (in a couple of weeks/months) that you could verify whether that does work better on your system.

What I'm also saying is that so far there are a dozen forum posts confirming MuseScore does work on M1s for those users; so it's not a generic issue between MuseScore and M1s either. Since you have some additional audio tricks/devices/drivers it is not unthinkable that one of those is tripping up the interaction somehow. Hopefully that is something that can be fixed with a setting somewhere. Since you already indicated you've tried everything from the linked article above and nothing on MuseScore's side seems to help (including Restarting the Audio Devices from the I/O page) it stands to reason that you'll need to look into other audio driver related settings on your device.

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