Two scores, side by side

• Apr 17, 2022 - 15:30

Is it possible to view two scores at the same time; side by side.
Currently, they are in their own tabs. It would be great if they could be open for comparison with copy/paste functions.


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I've read that it is possible to view two separate files, but it does not explain how.
I did find VIEW/DOCUMENTS SIDE BY SIDE, but this is only placing the same score "side by side". What am I missing?
I have two different scores I'd like to place size by side.

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"You can drag the barrier separating the two scores to adjust the amount of space in the window devoted to each:"

Where is this barrier? I tried dragging the separator between tabs but it only moves temporarily left or right and then springs back.

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There might not be physical checkboxes, but you certainly have “Documents side by side” there and you can click it. Not sure why you’re highlighting “Toolbars”, that’s not relevant and is possibly confusing you. Look further down, below Toolbars. “Documents side by side” is right there in your picture. Just click it. Our pictures are virtually identical except macOS doesn’t actually drawn the checkboxes.

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