Copy and paste now doesn't work (0.9.6 pre-release)

• Feb 3, 2010 - 14:59

I tried to copy and paste 3 measures from a simple score (always used to work fine) using the latest pre-release and the paste transposes down 13 semitones before completing! I attach the file. I made a screen cast of this which starts by showing the help about (to verify version, sadly illegible) and the paste operation can be seen to be incorrect.

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This is a bigger disaster when there are chord names attached. I completed the first 8 maesures, added the chord names and tried to repeat it. As before, the notes were transposed down 13 semitones. The chord names went through a random number generator:
CMaj -> DMaj (up 2)
Am7 -> Cbm7 (up 2)
Dm7 -> Bm7 (down 3)
G9 -> E9 (down 3)

Makes copy and paste just about useless!

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Hmmm. well in the interests of accuracy in my error reporting I have to correct my last message. I stated
Dm7 -> Bm7 (3 down)
but when I came to correct this using "harmony Properties" from the right click I discovered it was Bbbm7! (5 down)
I also have F7 -> Cbb7 (5 up). See what I mean about random numbers. However, to be fair, the curious transposition of the chords is consistent (all F became Cbb, all G became Bbb and so on).

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