Copy paste transposes melody and chords for transposing instrument (0.9.6 regression)

• Feb 3, 2010 - 16:23
S2 - Critical

With MuseScore r2681

  1. Create a score with a transposing instrument, (Eb horn)
  2. enter some notes n4CDEF
  3. Copy paste this measure to the next measure

    Actual result : the note are copied transposed
    Expected result; first and second measures should look the same.

    Reported first by awillkey (Video included)


In my example (Bb saxophone) the paste transposed by an octave and semitone, not the octave and tone that would have been to concert pitch!

I would agree it is critical so I'd like to get the build you refer to. It isn't listed in the downloads for Windows. Does this mean I have to take my chances with the nightly build? Can someone explain if the nightly build is more risky than other releases such as 0.9.6 pre-release or the same. I've had some bad experiences with unstable releases recently.

rXXXX doesn't refer necessarly to a build but a revision of the source code.
Prereleases and nightlies are not meant for production as explained in [[nodetitle:Comparison of stable, prerelease, and nightly builds]] but by using a nightly you will help next "stable" version to be more stable... As time goes by nightly becomes more stable...