Piano keyboard does not show notes in play mode

• Dec 20, 2022 - 17:04
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See in 4.0.0 (option not available in reported version).

Load any score, press P to show piano keyboard, press space to start audio playback. In Musescore 3, the piano keys would highlight as notes are played. This has regressed in Musescore 4 and the piano keyboard shows nothing during play.


Not only does the keyboard not show notes in play mode, but all my MuseScore 3.6 files were automatically updated to 4, so that I can no longer utilize this needed function with any of my scores.

Nonsense. Mu3 can still open them, unless you opened and saved them with Mu4 and ignored the warning that you're overwriting an existing file
And if you did: Export as MUsicXML in M4, import that in M3

I too regressed to Mu3 so I could track highlighted notes on the piano keyboard. But pressing Pause makes the highlighting disappear. Anyone know how to pause playback and not lose the highlighting of that moment?

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I also have this issue with Musescore 4, and do not know why It isn't fixed yet considering this thread was made in December of last year. I have the latest version as of now (May 29, 2023). If anyone can figure out a fix, I would love to hear the solution.

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I seem to have regressed as well. The note highlights feature is something of importance to most of use... I sure hope that it gets fixed quickly other wise people won't be upgrading their Musescore

I agree, this is very annoying. I widely prefer Musescore 4 to the 3.6 version, but this little detail makes it less practical. I hope the fix can come quickly, we've been waiting for it for months!!

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What in the world... this was a feature, and now isn't? I just subscribed and it's very discouraging to see useful features removed from software. Not at all good impression, developers. Pressing "P" opens up a Piano on screen but the notes aren't highlighted. Seems silly if this was working fine in 3.6 as the previous users are reporting.