staff spacing on parts

• May 18, 2022 - 19:03

I "borrowed" someone else format when I tried my first Big Band arrangement. The score looks fine. When I create the parts I get two lines of normal staves then I get a large space that says "Score." The space is about 2" and then I get two more lines, and then it repeats. It happens on each part that I create. I've looked at my other scores to compare settings and nothing is different. I'm stumped. Any thoughts are appreciated.


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Those frames are there on the score too, so no surprise they show up in the parts. See for instance the top of page 4 of the score. Not sure what that is supposed to be, maybe you were trying to fake a header or footer? better to use the actual header/footer feature for that - see Format / Style / Header, Footer. Delete those spurious frames from the score and all should be well as far as that goes. Although note also that you have chosen a staff size that is too large for your page size, at least in landscape mode. Changing to portrait allows all systems to fit and not hang off the bottom of the page as they currently do.

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Thank you very much. I saw the frames and couldn't figure out what they were doing. As I mentioned, I planned on using this score as a model for my first Big Band arrangement. I've done quartets and quintets to this point, and was looking for a template to help me get started. Best. Wishes. David

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